SEO Agency in Bhopal: Rank Your Website #1 Page in 179 Days

If you are looking for an SEO agency in Bhopal, you have landed on the right website. You can see that we have ranked this post on Google, which means we have a good understanding of how website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. And yes, we can help you too, to rank your business website on the first page of Google. Please read this entire post and then contact us to discuss your website SEO project.

How Often Does SEO Take to Get a Website Ranked on Google’s First Page?

SEO is a lengthy process, so you should have patience if you are doing any organic marketing. Normally, we rank websites in 3 to 5 months, but if keywords have medium difficulty, it may take up to 6 months. If you have a high difficulty keyword, I suggest that you should continuously focus on SEO because everyone tries to rank on the first page and they are trying to outrank your website.

How long is SEO effective once it is ranked?

Google always tries to give their audience better results. We conduct competitor research and then surpass our competitors to achieve first-page ranking on Google. If someone else repeats the same process and Google approves, they will also receive a ranking, but it may take time if the competition is not intense. If the competition is fierce, you must continue your SEO process.

How much do we charge as an SEO agency in Bhopal?

Firstly, it is clear that we are a premium agency, and our charges are higher than other agencies in Bhopal, as some of our clients have informed us. However, we understand how we work and how they work. We place a strong emphasis on several factors when conducting SEO for any website.

So many SEO agencies are focusing only on creating backlinks, but having only a backlink is not enough nowadays. Therefore, do not choose any SEO agency blindly

The prices given below are estimated. You should contact us to discuss your SEO project in order to get your price or quote.

SEO Agency in Bhopal Prices

Keyword CompetitionOur Prices
SEO Service Price in Bhopal: Weblights

Sometimes the prices go higher than we mentioned. We also know that many freelancers and agency owners only charge 5000 rupees for SEO Service in Bhopal. Why do we charge so high then?

  • We only do white hate SEO.
  • Your website will never receive any penalties from Google.
  • We always try to deliver extra.
  • We never charge extra for small tasks.
  • If competition is high, we also focus on security as well.
  • We invest in premium tools.
  • We are not using any nulled themes or plugins on our clients’ websites for cost-cutting purposes.
  • We design your website for free if required.
  • We never charge a high price if your business does not get any benefit from SEO. (So the prices are not equal for everyone.)
  • We focus on clients’ ROI (Return on Investment) rather than ranking keywords on Google.
  • Our main focus is client satisfaction and giving clients the highest ROI through our services.
  • We work extra if your website is not ranking after the time that we claim.”

We know there is no price issue with any business owners; the issue is trust. But believe us, our clients got the highest ROI after investing with us on SEO.

Some of our clients paid us extra money after getting good results because they received more than they expected from us.

Why you should hire an SEO agency permanently

SEO is a time-consuming and lengthy process. After getting a website ranked, there is no guarantee that it will stay on the first page of Google for many years. For ongoing SEO work, we charge a reasonable price. You only need to invest a small portion of your profits that you obtain after ranking your website.

If your business gets only 2 lakh revenue from SEO, then why are you not investing only 40000 on SEO to continue or increase your revenue numbers?

Read these points before hiring us as an SEO Agency in Bhopal

So many business owners are unaware of so many things and the SEO process, then they blame us. Let’s clear all the things.

  • SEO rankings are not permanent after completing your SEO project.
  • SEO does not directly increase your sales.
  • You should not demand sales and leads from us after achieving a first-page ranking because CRO is a separate process that occurs after the website is ranked.
  • You have to pay your invoice on time. (It’s a motivation for everyone).
  • Your investment does not give you a return immediately after the project is complete.
  • We are not working with any illegal or gambling website.

“We are not providing you with any backlink report daily or weekly; we simply share the growth you are receiving from our SEO services.”

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